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Tararua Tramp

The tramp to Mitre Flats begins west of Masterton (where we had stayed at a b&b the night before). The tramp along the river to Mitre Flats Hut is tough going as the trail is narrow, rocky & slippery, and it took four hours to cover the 7 kilometres.  We arrived at the hut midday, and it appeared that we would have it to ourselves.  But by evening all 20 sleeping spaces were filled.  The woodstove provided needed warmth as the temperature plummeted to below freezing overnight.  In the morning we awoke to crystal clear skies and we were out by 7 am and on our way up to the tops.  We reached the bushline in 2 hours and carried on for another half hour to gain the ridge where spectacular views unfolded. The near windless conditions at that altitude are an unusual luxury in the Tararuas, and we lingered for some time.  The tramp back to the hut and then out to the roadend took six more hours, and we finished the day weary but glad we'd made the effort.

The Mitre Flats trail - 4 hours to the hut

Starting out in a light drizzle

Mitre Flats hut, sleeps 20

Heading uphill from the hut

slow going through the forest

crossing the just-reopened bridge across the river

wood stove kept us warm through the night

Clear skies and calm winds ... a perfect day !

looking east, across the Wairarapa plains

returning along the Waingawa River

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