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St. James Walkway

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19 - 23 December 2004

Photos and website by Mike Savage

The St. James Walkway is a 67 kilometre (42 mile) sub-alpine tramp located in the Lewis Pass area in the northeast of New Zealand's South Island.  It traverses through the St. James Station, a large cattle ranch, and crosses two saddles with a peak elevation of 1160 metres.

Cannibal Gorge Hut
Room for twenty, but only five when we stayed on Day 1

Day 2 was sunny and warm
Walking along with fresh snow from 2 days before lingering at higher elevations

Day 2 - Walking along the Maruia River
coming down from the Lewis Pass

Wild horses
There is a large herd of wild horses that make their home in this valley

Swing Bridge
These are used to allw crossings of the major rivers ( Maruia, Anne, Christopher and Boyle Rivers)

Mike on the flats
St. James Station

Day 3 - Goodbye sunshine
Hello rain

Day 3 - Anne Hut
Sunshine returns

Day 4
damp and squishy

Day 5 - Finished
waiting for the bus to Hanmer Springs for a soak in the hot pools